Our services focus on three topics of the future: Alternative drives, renewable energies and shared mobility. Intrasol is a partner of municipalities, housing associations, tourism and retail companies, public utilities and vehicle fleets that want to rely on modern solutions.

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Renewable Energies

Means: The use of sustainable power generation such as photovoltaics, designed by Intrasol. The demand-oriented systems are implemented by our trade partners. Decentralised system concepts can minimise grid expansion and create regional added value.


Charging Infrastructure

Means: technical systems and components for charging battery-electric vehicles. Intrasol’s concepts range from wallboxes to high-performance infrastructure with HPC (High Power Charging). We incorporate all relevant laws and guidelines such as the Building Energy Act and calibration law. Reliable technology and payment methods suitable for everyday use ensure a positive customer experience and customer satisfaction.

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Studies and Concepts

Means: Strategies based on scientific knowledge, (geo)data analysis and empirical value. Examples are: Solar Atlas, charging infrastructure concepts, sharing concepts for rural, suburban and urban areas. When it comes to a participation process, Intrasol creates thematic maps to better illustrate projects and develop strategies.

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Shared Mobility

Means: The shared use of vehicles and bikes up to the formation of carpools based on information and communication technologies. Clever concepts can reduce the total number of vehicles and ease parking pressure. New inner-city open spaces are created. Fewer vehicles and low-noise engines improve the quality of life for everyone.

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Business and Operator Models

Means: Viable investment and financing plans for innovative ideas. Intrasol turns charging infrastructure or sharing concepts into business models from which companies can profit in the long term. We support our clients in financing talks with banks and funding consultations, prepare all the necessary documents and plan market launch campaigns and participation processes.


Workshops and Events

Means: Informing and convincing on site. Intrasol organises, moderates and designs citizen dialogues, training courses and citizen workshops. On the occasion of events such as the Central German Electromobility Day for the states of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, we present ideas for the mobility of the future both theoretically and practically: with keynotes, mobile charging stations and e-test vehicles.


Fleet Management

Means: optimising the management of a vehicle fleet through the use of modern information and communication technologies such as virtual keys and digital logbooks. Crucial in Intrasol’s concepts is the use of alternative drives and renewable energies. These measures reduce operating costs at best and improve the image internally and externally in the long term.


Business as a Service

Means: The management of new business areas including administration, marketing, billing and service. If desired, we already support our customers during the start-up and market launch – for example of e-car sharing – and accompany them until the transfer to regular operation is achieved.

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


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