Reference Projects (Selection)

E-CarSharing TU-Clausthal




In a two-year cooperation with the ISSE, DIGIT and the district of Goslar, Intrasol is developing a car sharing concept to promote mobility between the university town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld and the university location in Goslar. The background of the project is to use the CarSharing as a starting point for further innovative ReUse and Repairing concepts, which are being researched by the students and the scientists at TU Clausthal. For example, the e-vehicles collect anonymised data such as frequency of use and distances travelled during the project period in order to then use this data for further (research) projects on the topic of mobility and logistics.



E-Bike Sharing in the Southern Harz Region




In 2019, the Nordhausen district applied for funding under the Federal Rural Development Programme (BULE) to set up an e-cabin scooter, e-bike and e-scooter sharing project in the Harz region linked to public transport and was subsequently selected for funding in early 2020. The aim of the project is to better link the two northernmost and topographically highest settlements in the north of the Free State of Thuringia, with a total of only 150 inhabitants, with public transport and thereby strengthen the growing nature tourism with climate-neutral means of transport in the Harz Mountains.

As part of the project, Intrasol analysed the project area for the best possible locations for mobility stations, created a catalogue of requirements for all relevant components and developed an operating model including a profitability analysis.


The 100 Roofs Programme




The municipal housing association of Nordhausen, Energieversorgung Nordhausen and the energy cooperative Helmetal want to work together to ensure more renewable energies in Nordhausen. Intrasol is preparing a study for this purpose, which will provide a reliable basis for implementation from 2021 onwards by means of geodata processing, the use of drones and proprietary algorithms for data processing.


Smart Cities Brandis




As part of the “Smart Cities” model project of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs (BMI), the intermunicipal association Partheland was selected as one of 13 model regions in Germany. The Partheland Mobil (ParMo) sub-project aims to identify ways of digitally transforming mobility in rural areas and to realise them in the form of concrete pilot projects. Intrasol analyses vehicle fleets and mobility needs for the participating municipalities and companies, conducts workshops for citizen participation and accompanies the change process of the mobility turnaround in rural areas. The aim is to establish mobility stations with e-cars, bicycles and e-scooters in order to set up interchangeable transport points.


Analyse der Ladeinfrastruktur und CarSharing-Potentiale in der Gemeinde Südharz




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Conception of eCarSharing in the Harz Region




The model project “eCarSharing in the Harz Mountains” aims to establish a nationwide car-sharing scheme based on electric vehicles in the Harz low mountain region. The first step was to carry out an inventory analysis of all charging infrastructure in the project area. Based on this, suitable locations for car sharing and potential user groups were identified. In the second phase of the project, a cooperation model was developed, which is intended to enable area-wide operation together with local partners. The aim of this project is to create an additional sustainable mobility offer throughout the Harz region in order to strengthen the regional added value and mobility of the residents in addition to creating value for tourism.


Planung eines Ladekonzepts für die SWG Eisenach




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Cooperation with ENSO and DREWAG, Dresden




Intensive talks between Intrasol, Drewag and Enso already took place in 2016. At the beginning of 2019, the previous communication resulted in a cooperation partnership to jointly develop an advisory portfolio for existing customers of the two energy suppliers. The focus here was on business customers, who were advised on the topics of fleet optimisation, renewable energies, charging infrastructure and funding opportunities.


Consultation and Concept Development, Municipality of Lugau Erzgebirge Region




Under the project title “climate-friendly Lugau”, the town wants to make its contribution to sustainable administration. Roof surfaces are to be used for this purpose to sustainably generate its own electricity by means of a PV system. In the mobility sector, the vehicle fleet will be converted to electrically powered vehicles and a charging infrastructure will be set up to meet demand. Intrasol has undertaken the planning for the PV system and charging infrastructure, subjected the vehicle fleet to a detailed analysis and finally provided corresponding recommendations for action.

Central German Electromobility Days


since 2019


Under the motto “Discover.Experience”, Intrasol has been organising the Central German Electromobility Day in cooperation with the energy agencies from Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt and the Cleantech Initiative since 2019. Over the course of two days, more than 40 exhibitors will present themselves to the expert audience and visitors. To ensure that guests can experience the future alongside a wide range of impressions and information, the event is held annually at the Road Safety Centre (Autodrom) in Nordhausen.

Solar Atlas North Thuringia




In order to further promote the expansion of photovoltaics in the Nordhausen district, it was necessary to obtain an overview of usable roof areas, owners and electricity consumers. For this reason, the companies FEUER powerair and the Helmetal Energy Cooperative commissioned Intrasol to carry out a geodata-based analysis and associated recommendations in 2019. With the help of these findings, further PV projects could already be implemented in a targeted manner.

Conceptual Design of an eCarSharing in Eisenach




Intrasol has planned an eCarSharing concept for the city of Eisenach for Autohaus Langenhan in 2019. Citizens will benefit from the increased presence of electric vehicles in everyday life and the ease of use to reduce barriers, tourists will have an additional mobility solution to explore the region and the municipal administration will have additional flexibility in its vehicle fleet. Intrasol has taken over the planning of optimal locations, stakeholder analysis and the preparation of a profitability plan.


“Solare Werkstätten” – North Thuringian life assistance in Nordhausen




The Nordthüringer Werkstätten are one of the largest employers for disadvantaged people in North Thuringia with about 1,000 employees. The enormous energy consumption and costs of the workshops and the vehicle fleet were the focus of this project. After intensive consultation on the topics and electromobility, the first two vehicles were purchased, charging infrastructure was created and a 239 kWp photovoltaic system for self-sufficiency was installed in cooperation with the Helmetal energy cooperative.


Project Development of the Nordhausen Charging Park


2018 – 2019


The idea for a future car service station dates back to 2016. Two years later, we were able to win the Nordhausen municipal utilities and Enercon as investors. After an intensive planning and preparation phase, construction could begin in 2019 with all the trades involved. In addition to the high-performance charging infrastructure (4×350 kW) and two AC charging stations, a modern roofing, recreation areas and an energy experience playground were integrated. Intrasol was responsible for this project from construction and network planning through the necessary approval procedures to handover to the operating company. The test phase and commissioning took place in 2020 as scheduled.


Location Analysis for Charging Parks throughout Germany


seit 2018


Through the signing of a far-reaching cooperation agreement with Enercon GmbH from Aurich, Intrasol became the general planner and project developer for numerous locations in the new federal states, Bavaria and Hesse. In the course of this, more than 200 sites were assessed and evaluated. The next step was to put these findings up for discussion with the local public utilities, so that a project outline could be drawn up. Several projects have already been implemented and others have been applied for funding. Since 2020, Intrasol has also been advising and planning for the newly founded Green-Power-Mobility, which is pushing the Europe-wide rollout of charging parks.


Introduction of an Electric Shuttle Service at the Kyffhäuser Monument




On behalf of the Kur- und Tourismus GmbH, Intrasol developed the concept for a shuttle service to provide access to the monument for people with walking disabilities without disturbing pedestrians with noise and exhaust fumes. For this purpose, several charging stations were set up at the visitor car park, two vehicles and sufficient drivers were provided. In this project, too, the client not only received technical planning, but also the implementation, introduction and permanent operation as a service.


Consulting and Change Management for Fleets


2017 – today


In order to develop a recommendation for action for the conversion of commercial fleets, it is necessary to consider not only technical aspects. Above all, informing the employees about these changes and accompanying them is a criterion for success. Therefore, Intrasol has not only analysed fleet data (full costs) for its customers and identified potential savings, but also organised and carried out training courses and workshops as well as test drives..


Previous clients include Diakonie Schweinfurt, Diakonie Nordhausen, ASB Mittelthüringen, Modus Pflegedienst, Kyffhäuser District Office, Sparkasse Kyffhäuser, Jugendsozialwerk and the Ilmkreis District Office.


Development and Operation of the Geratal-Stromer in Gräfenroda




Together with the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Intrasol developed the municipal car sharing concept “Geratal-Stromer” for the administrative community of Oberes Geratal. From the beginning, local stakeholders were involved to ensure maximum user-friendliness and economic viability. Outside the opening hours of the municipal administration, the vehicle is available to public users. Since the system went into operation, Intrasol has taken over the ongoing operation (registration, fault management and billing) for the municipality as a service partner.


Consultation and Project Development for the Südharz Church District




The Protestant Church of Central Germany was comprehensively advised by Intrasol on the conversion of the vehicle fleet and the supply of renewable energies to the administration. We then jointly developed a roadmap to implement the measures in a targeted manner. As a result, the Südharz church district also received a Volkswagen e-Golf as a complete package from Intrasol, in addition to a 9.9 kWp PV system, storage and a 3.7 kW wallbox.


Tenant Electricity Project – “Haus der Dienste” in Nordhausen




Intrasol designed a rental power model for the Helmetal energy cooperative and planned the associated installations to supply a commercial building with 18 tenants with solar power. The result was a 99 kWp photovoltaic system as well as technical pre-fitting for the installation of charging infrastructure for the tenants. The project was funded through the Thuringia Solar Investment Directive, with Intrasol handling the application and administration as a service.


Environmental Demonstration Project in the District of Nordhausen


2016 – 2019


Shortly after its foundation, Intrasol – Intelligent Traffic Solutions GmbH started an environmental demonstration project (“mobeno”) as proof of the everyday suitability of electric mobility, shared mobility and renewable energies in rural areas. With more than 20 partners from business, science and politics, the goal was to establish a demand-oriented charging network and innovative mobility stations within 3 years. The project was completed in 2019 with 35 public charging points and 6 e-vehicle rental stations. The project was funded by the Thuringian Ministry of the Environment and the State Development Bank.


Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


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